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B"H                                   Welcome to                MasterMind LA         The Learning Skills Experts

Our Learning Coaches Will Help You Master... BEZ"H

MasterMind learning coaches specialize in developing learning skills, enabling the student to master the subject at hand.
Since 2004 MasterMind learning coaches have B”H successfully helped hundreds of students improve their grades, raise their self-esteem, build academic self confidence, and reach their full potential.
Children with undeveloped learning skills do not easily achieve academic success, and many become frustrated at a very young age. These children are at great risk of becoming school drop-outs and develop negative attitudes towards learning. MasterMind learning coaches can change that!

MasterMind can help

We help students of all ages, pre-kindergarten through adult. Our learning coaches offer sessions to individuals and groups to develop their learning skills, reinforce existing skills and give fun engaging classes in all core subjects. 
In addition, our learning coaches have experience working with children, teens and adults with learning challenges (ie:ADD, ADHD, focus disabilities and dyslexia).


At MasterMind LA we take a very innovative approach while helping our students overcome learning challenges. We recognize and respect the uniqueness of each student. Since each student learns differently, we see the importance of understanding their learning style and helping them develop the tools they need to succeed.

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We Specialize in the Rietti "Lashon Hatorah" Program

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